How to call to India

All international calls start with the Exit Code of your country. There is certain code for every country. Take the Exit Code of your country from our International country codes and exit codes while calling to India. To make a call to India, you also need to know the Indian country code.

Country Code for India – 91

Every country has its own Country Code which you could look at our list.

If you are calling landline number in India, dial the STD code (without the 0) followed by the landline phone number. If you are looking to call a cell phone, just dial 91 followed by 10 digits mobile phone number.

Dial number from the USA:

011 + 91 + Recipient’s number

For a call from India (Bangalore) land line from the USA, the number format is: 011 + 91 + 80 + Recipient’s number. In this example, 011 is the USA Exit code, 91 is the ISD code for India, 80 is the Area code for Bangalore, and last dialed the Recipient’s phone number.

The USA and Canada are having the same Exit Code (011). So the dialing number technology for both countries will be also same.

Dial number from any other country abroad:

Landline: IDD + 91 (Country Code) + Area Code + Recipient's Number

Cellular: IDD + 91 (Country Code) + 10 Digits Cellular Number

Dialing number from other countries to India has the same technology. You should only choose the Area Code of the one of the Indian city from our list while calling landline.

Area Codes only for land phones, don’t forget about it!

To make a call landline from Japan (Tokyo) to India (Delhi) dials the following numbers:

010 + 91 + 11 + Recipient's phone number

You have already known that to dial outside the country, you must now the country Exit Code. In our example, the Exit Code for Japan is 010. The Country Code is guaranteed that the phone number you dial reaches the country you need.

Remember! You dial only the Exit Code for Japan without Area Code for Tokyo!

Next you should dial the Country Code for India which is 91 and the Area code for Delhi (11). The last dialed the Receptionist’s phone number.

Cell phones don’t’ need Area Code while dialing number!

There are few points which you must keep in mind before calling someone at India:

Making a call from a Hotel Room

Do not us the hotel phones to make an international call as they add a very hefty surcharge along with high per minute for every call. Rather, you can access the local 800 number and dial 91 using a cheap calling card.

Making a call from a Business or School

If you are a student in a college abroad, you will find Phone System (PBX) commonplace. You will require initial access codes “9” or “8”, former one for domestic calls and the latter for international calls. However, you must confirm it from the local authority.

How to Get an Operator

For many of the telephone carriers ask to dial “0” for connecting to an operator. You can also reach to a desired operator by dialing 611.

Some more tips for making a call to India

If you are calling from your phone, do not consume the cellular minutes. It will save you from exhausting your cellular plan unnecessarily. Always choose Wi-Fi in to make a voice call over the internet. It is better and saves costs. In case Wi-Fi___33 is not available, go for a mobile app that allows you to make call using a data plan. One can also use, SMS text messaging service from anywhere in the world using the same mobile app mentioned above. One can also use Skype to make a call to India. The tariff of making the call can differ from destination to destination along with the service provider. Once connected over the internet, you need to follow the same method as detailed at the start of this article.