Prepaid mobile cards in India

If you want to stay flexible, you will probably have to opt for a prepaid card. Be aware, however, that you may have difficulties charging up your prepaid card in some parts of India, even with your own provider! Many prepaid providers offer region-specific discounts in order to compete in certain local markets (mainly in big cities). These products might not be available in other parts of India, leaving you unable to use regular top-up cards as well. If you plan on traveling, politely refuse the regional discounts.

Also keep in mind that in many cases your mobile phone will not be charged with the complete amount you have bought a top-up card for. Many providers charge a “top-up fee” for the recharge, which is deducted from your calling credit.

There are also validity dates for charge ups. Your credit expires if you do not use it within one or two months. You might consider adding one large amount of credit in one go instead of adding various small amounts as needed: The more credit you add in on go, the longer it will remain valid. In addition, fees are proportionally less the more credit you add.